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Meet The Team

Marley Lock & Jess Lock

Jess and Marley

Whilst I have always been the Lock family's favourite member I was also a cause of their sadness. I wouldn’t eat my dry kibble food!. They wondered, was there something wrong with the food? Was there something wrong with me?

Little did they know, when they put me to bed each evening I was up in the wee hours of the night in my bed dreaming of a wonderful dog sauce or ketchup that would make my meals totally irresistible! From my kennel I designed the winning recipe that would start a world-wide sauce revolution for my fury brothers and sisters! Gone are the days of dry kibble - Canine Ketchup has launched!


We are the co-founders

Phil Lock

Phil Lock

I started life making food for humans! Recently we seem to have humanised our canine friends so it seemed fitting for me to use my skills and talent to enable dogs to join our Canine Ketchup journey.

Marley's winning recipe is now being enjoyed by all the lucky dogs in the UK.

Join us for the sauce revolution! 

I am the Managing Director

Annie Lock

Annie Lock

I’m Annie and, from the age of 4 years old, I have been mad about ketchup. Chips with ketchup, sausages with ketchup, pizza with ketchup, heck I used to scare the world of primary school with my very own Annie-made ketchup sandwich! You get the gist. I’m a ketchup kinda gal and when the opportunity came about to help develop and work for a ketchup company I applied in a flash!

I am the Marketing Director, and I manage all our social media and communications.