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Meal times for Dogs

Meal times for Dogs

Humans have ketchup and sauces to accompany and enhance their meals - so why shouldn’t we give our best friends the same condiments so they can really enjoy their meals too.

Most dogs eat meals twice a day and increasingly owners have been giving their dog’s dry “kibble” as it’s convenient, easy to store and serve. However, many dogs, especially our smaller friends, are very fussy and do not enjoy dry dog food alone.

Often many owners have to add a tasty extra in order to encourage their dogs to eat.

We all love to treat our dogs to something special to spice up their daily meal. A quick squirt of Canine Ketchup does the trick! It moistens your dog’s food, provides natural nutrients and best of all they love it!

Canine Ketchup is the sauce demanded by dogs to satisfy their sense of smell and taste buds. Canine Ketchup is in 3 wonderful flavours of Original, Apple and Cheese. It is vegetable based and nutritious. More delicious flavours will be coming in 2020!

Canine Ketchup is in a recyclable bottle so the ketchup can easily be squeezed out onto your dog’s meals. It will last for 1 month when opened and should be kept refrigerated.

Humans have our ketchups and sauces on many meals-we are now giving our best friends the same so they can really enjoy their meals.

 "Relish your dog!"

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