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Not just a kibble topper - other ways to use Canine Ketchup

Not just a kibble topper - other ways to use Canine Ketchup

Alongside being the perfect condiment for any meal, Canine Ketchup can also be used with a boredom buster mat or toy.

Canine Ketchup is perfectly suited to use on a Paw Pad Lick Mat.

Simply spread Canine Ketchup over the mat’s surface and you create a tasty fun game with them having seek out every morsel with their tongue. As your dog licks away this will soothe and calm them. This is perfect for dogs who may be left alone for a long period of time, or even to calm puppies! This mat also acts as a slow feeder and a boredom buster. Whilst your dog is licking the sauce off the Paw pad Lick Mat, this stimulates saliva, which aids digestive health. 

Other ideas of use:

  • A hot summer's day, your dog is trying to cool down? You can freeze Canine Ketchup on to a Paw Pad Lick Mat. Whilst keeping your dog entertained for longer and aiding their digestive health, this can also help them to cool down. 

  • A wriggly pooch in the bath? Buy a licky mat with a suction cup on the back. Spread on Canine Ketchup and your dog will be still and licking away for the entire bath time, no fuss!

Canine Ketchup is a perfect product to use on a Paw Pad Lick Mat because it is low in fats and sugars; it has no nasty additives or preservatives and it is filled with all the goodness of vegetables!

If you have a Kong Goodie Bone or similar that can be filled with edible paste, Canine Ketchup can also be used as the filling.  Just squeeze and freeze and give to your dog to enjoy.

Kong goodie toy

A Paw Pad Lick Mat or Kong Goodie Bone makes the perfect pairing with Canine Ketchup.

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